Club loyalty scheme is implemented at Cabinet Lounge, which allows club members to feel comfortable in the office, even at the busiest rush hours. We offer furnished working places, complete set of business services, services of secretary, concierge, IT-specialist, Wi-Fi, reception and processing of correspondence, bar and restaurant, the latest business press, access to private club events with celebrities from politics, business and art.

  • 3 500₽

    One-time visits to the club and club events.
    Possibility to purchase a deposit starting from 5 visits.
    *Price is per one day.

  • 17 000₽

    Up to 2 visits per week.
    *Price is per one months.

  • 30 000₽

    Personal club card with unlimited access and a personal working place.
    *Price is per one months.

  • 50 000₽

    Staff personal working places for two person.
    *Price is per one months.